Will Robertson wrote:
> On 27 Apr 2005, at 8:14 PM, Achim Blumensath wrote:
> >You misunderstood. What I meant was: being able to define your own
> >axes.
> >Internally all axes could be implemented as shape parameter. I
> >suggest replacing the current shape value by a comma separated list
> >with one entry for each axis:
> >
> >  \fontshape{it,sc,osf}\selectfont
> >
> This looks like a very promising idea.
> I think this is probably the only way that arbitrary font features can
> be accommodated in some sort of font selection scheme.

The only problem I see with this approach is how to select the
appropriate substitutions if the requested shape is not available. Say,
the user specifies {it,sc,osf} but the font only provides {it,u&lc,osf}
and {n,sc,osf}. Which of them should be taken?

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