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> It is my opinion that all of Knuth's attempt to hide the result of
> real arithmetic in TeX are just a source of pain, trouble and
> quirkiness, and should stop being a design criterion.  It also affects
> the output of the trip test, making it system-dependent.

One of the files in our test suite failed because of this: I had prepared  
the original test file using MiKTeX and when run on my Mac I got a lot of  
diffs because of errors on the fifth decimal in glue settings. Most  

> There are two approaches to get there: either just ignore the system
> dependencies (PostScript more or less does that, I think, and has not
> terribly suffered from it), or replace all occurences of real
> arithmetic by fixed-point arithmetic, and be done.  There are change
> files for that purpose already, if I remember correctly: it was shown
> that this was feasible.

Yes, Matthias Clasen did that. It is available at ctan in