> > Hmm, the text in fixltx2e.pdf misses the `fl' ligature...
> I could see this on page 5 with xpdf 3.00 only.  Then I tried AR
> 7/Linux, gs8.50: fl is present.  Afterwards I went back to xpdf 3.00
> and suddenly the fl appeared mysteriously and I cannot reproduce the
> problem.

On my GNU/Linux box, xpdf 3.00, Acroread 7.0.1, and gs 8.53 fail to
display the `fl' ligature in this document.  Even after conversion to
PS with pdftops (from xpdf 3.00) the ligature is missing.  In
fixltx2e.ps, the `fi' ligature (which displays fine) in font
BBZAHZ+CMR10 has glyph index \014, and `fl' is glyph index \015 -- the
original cmr10.pfb has the same positions.  But in the text strings
the `fl' ligature is accessed with glyph index \012, which is wrong!

Looking into TeXLive's pdftex.map I see that cmr10 doesn't get
reencoded, so it looks like a bug in the pdfTeX version you've used to
create base-tds.zip.  I really wonder how you were able to see `fl' at