On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 06:34:08PM +0200, Heiko Oberdiek wrote:

> * Added: amslatex-tds.zip
> * Added: latex-tds-tds.zip that contains the whole
>          TDS tree from the other zip files.

The remaining "required" bundles are added:
* psnfss-tds.zip
* babel-tds.zip

A part of the sources I have added, mainly the build script,
patches and TeX configuration and driver files:
* src-tds.zip
However many tools and packages are not yet available.
Some I will add or update soon on CTAN, for others
I don't have time.

Regarding babel, I don't understand, why some TeX distributions
put *all* files below TDS/*/generic/, from my readme.txt:

* TDS format: Currently I am following here some TeX distributions
  (teTeX, TeXLive, VTeX) that use `generic' as TDS format, but I don't
  understand the reason:
  * I would rather put pure LaTeX files in TDS:tex/latex/babel
    and the other files that also can be used with plain formats in
    TDS:tex/generic/babel. It is the _purpose_ of TDS's format concept
    to allow the format dependend programs an efficient lookup.
  * The documentation and source would go in TDS:doc/latex/babel and
    TDS:source/latex/babel, because babel is a project related to
    the LaTeX project, e.g. the CTAN location is even in the _require_
    part of the LaTeX subtree, CTAN:macros/latex/required/babel.

Yours sincerely
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