Onsdagen den 31 maj 2006 kl 21.29 skrev Heiko Oberdiek:
>> * To get smaller pdf file sizes I have experimented with
>>   destinations:
>>   * Unused destinatins are removed.
>>   * The destination names are renamed to shorter names.
> Thus I made the assumption the spelling of the destinations are not
> intended for external referencing. This allows two optimizations:
> * Unused destinations are removed.
> * The destination names must still unique, but I can choose shorter
>   names, e.g. instead of
>       section.1, section.23, codline.127   (30 bytes)
>   the shortest possible, but unique names are used:
>       A, B, C                                (3 bytes)
>   The HTML example from above would be transformed to:
>       <a name="A">...</a> or <a ref="#C">...</a>
> Example: file size decrease of source2e.pdf: around 4.5 %.

Have you tried using numbered destinations? Apart from being simpler, 
this should shave off another byte or two (for the parentheses 
delimiting the string).

Lars Hellström