I get totally lost in the many places where LaTeX3 is available.
It seems there are at least 3 places where development code in
quite different versions is stored:




I thought that CVSWeb might contain the most recent packages and
had a look at it. However these packages depend heavily on l3* files
which can only be found in the expl3 directory of CTAN.

Still I am missing l3num.sty, l3prg.sty, l3token.sty which are
required by xparse.sty. Where can I get these?

Are there any guidelines where LaTeX3 development code is made

Is there an anonymous CVS pserver? I must admit that I don't really
know what to do with the CVSWeb interface apart from downloading
the whole tarball. I would prefer to use anonymous CVS to checkout
and update LaTeX3 code.