On 27/11/2006, at 11:26 , William Adams wrote:

> Posted this to comp.text.tex, but no response there, so here 'tis in
> case anyone wants to discuss it.
> I wrote up something on this a long while ago, but it seems to've been
> lost.

Indeed, I remember trying to find something like this that you  
referred to once :)

> Here's a quick recap as a starting point for discussion:
> I think that covers most options / possibilities. Most of the weird
> variations get folded into family (so one could have
> Thames-Calligraphic Engraved).

This is a good taxonomy, but I'm not convinced (any more) that a  
fixed scheme is necessary these days. Take fontspec, for example --  
it's certainly not perfect, but what features does it lack by not  
having a rigid structure for font definitions?