Frank Mittelbach schrieb:
> Stephan,
>  > the attached example with xinitials works as long as neither graphicx
>  > nor xcolor is used.  Loading any of those packages (and possibly others)
>  > causes LaTeX to stop with an error, see below.  In slides from TUG99 I read:
>  > 
>  > > LATEX2e* is a collection of packages that run on top of LATEX2e
> you have to read the 1999/2000 statement as "runs on top of the 2e kernel",
> but the more you stray away from that (by adding additional packages/third
> party or not) the more fragile the situation gets.

Thank you for pointing that out!

> [...]
> when I returned to it the books TLC2, LB2 and LGC2 took all my time

Time well spent.  Thanks for your comprehensive comments and giving a
look behind the scenes!

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig