Morten Høgholm writes:
 > to xhj, \fussy and \sloppy were already there. Note that template has to  
 > be updated as well as there was a bug in there preventing it from working  
 > correctly: a spurious brace group had crept in in the fake registers so  
 > while \DelayEvalution correctly would wait until run to set its argument,  
 > the settting would be done inside a group and restored to the default.  
 > Both are now updated in the repository.

small update in case anybody picked up xhj during today:

it contained a leftover \RequirePackage{trace} and that would break a lot of
things as trace.sty expects : to be catcode 12 not 11

so if you see \maybe@ic@ ... \expandafter:  unknown csname
that was the reason