On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 6:33 AM, Lars Hellström
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> Since this list is currently in one of its active episodes, and questions
> are actually being answered,

Seems like the people who are asking and answering questions don't
know too much about this part of the code, yet :)

Certainly seems there are lots of good ideas in there. I guess I'd
hesitate to provide macros at the user level that support things like
  \index[ not % a comment ]
since it will only work as long as it's not inside the argument of
another macro. And some users get terribly confused when that happens
(also see LaTeX2e's "fragile" commands).

But I guess that was just a specific argument for the way you've
implemented xdoc2l3 (which I continue to read as "xdoc213" :).

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