Hi Joseph & Andreas & others,

On 03/12/2008, at 11:54 PM, Joseph Wright wrote:

> I'd call it a string, but there we are. (Most other languages use the
> term "string" for stored text: token lists are a very TeX idea.)
> However, "character list" sounds okay to me.

I changed my mind, overnight -- to me, "character list" doesn't really  
convey the contents of a "token list" like
   {\ifx\tmpa\empty foo\else bar\fi}

I wasn't really thinking of changing the name of the module at this  
stage, I was just trying to clarify the documentation a little.

Perhaps it would be fine to continue to use "token list" for each and  
just explain in more detail what we mean by this at the beginning of  
l3tlp and l3toks.

* * *

Silly idea: call one "list of tokens" or even just "tokens" and the  
other "token list" :) But which would be which?