Hi Morten et al.,

On 30/12/2008, at 8:55 AM, Morten Høgholm wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Dec 2008 02:09:51 +0100, Will Robertson wrote:
>> Took me a second to think about this, though, before I realised  
>> we're dealing with unrestricted token lists. (Maybe this is a key  
>> difference between a tlp and a tlist that I overlooked in my  
>> previous discussion for them.) I'll add some text to the  
>> documentation for this function.
> Restricted is the keyword I think. When tlist functions were  
> invented, the idea was for them to work on arbitrary balanced text.  
> In this respect they have more in common with toks than tlps which  
> have that restriction of which we dare not speak!
> toks as implemented in expl3 do not support the <filler> or the  
> implicit opening brace and so with this in mind, I'd be more  
> inclined by now to group tlist and toks together with tlp being  
> almost the same (but not quite).

Well, that leaves us with a few options. (I agree with what you say  

#1  Leave the naming scheme of tlp/toks/tlist as is
#2  My proposed (and illogical bearing the above in mind)
     renaming of tlp to tlist; leave name of toks as is
#3  Keep tlp; rename tlist to toks
#4  Keep tlp; rename toks to tlist (!)
#5  Either of #3 or #4 but rename tlp to something else
     again (!!) I don't really want to imagine it but you
     could do rlist or something (for "restricted token list")

I think right now I'm happiest with #3 but I also think we need to  
discuss things further...