Arno Trautmann wrote:
> My opinion about the \begin<env>–\end<env>: I don’t like it at all.
> ConTeXt uses \startenv – \endenv, which is a bit better. A perfect thing
> would be: \envstart – \envend. Reason: autocompletion works much better.
> Now I always have to type \begin{do <tab> to get \begin{document} as
> completion. With \documentstart it would only be \do <tab>. I don’t know
> if anybody here likes this, but Joseph asked for discussions…

Interesting idea, and takes the best from what is about (ConTeXt, in
this case) and learns from it.  It seems pretty much a given that
LaTeX2e documents won't work "out of the box" with LaTeX3, so it is
certainly worth thinking about this type of change.

Thinking where this takes us, something like:





Some text

  \item An item
  \item Another one



perhaps?  Rather more ConTeXt-like than I'm used to, but also quite clear.
Joseph Wright