The German Wikipedia article on LuaTeX,

has been suggested for deletion -- does anybody want to contribute to the 
discussion? (Click in the box on top of the article page).

Reason (or "reason") for suggestion: "irrelevant", since first stable 
version expected for 2010 only.

I consider the level of the discussion not very high, even the defending 
votes are bad. (Just tried a better one.)

Anyway, there is some general quarrel about deleting Wikipedia articles, 
some "movement" of "users" (editors) is organizing itself towards 
expressing annoyance about a trait of others which expresses itself as a 
tendency towards suggest articles for deletion all along. By contrast with 
the criterion or "reason" "too bad" (which allows rebirth with an improved 
try however), the criterion of "relevance" is delicate, since many articles 
in the Wikipedia are "relevant" only for experts on a certain field anyway.

(Just posted this on texhax, maybe confusing recent texhax postings and 
recent latex-l postings.)