Javier Bezos a écrit :
> Feel free to copy it or even to continue working on it (I presume
> I'd need to tell the CTAN team you can become the maintainer, if
> you want). BTW, it should work with aux files, with the activechars
> option, because chars are written in the LICR, ie, an encoding
> independent form.

That sounds good, if you have time to tell the CTAN I'm the new 
maintainer, I'll work on it!

> As to the fonts, one of my approaches was creating an "Unicode"
> font on the fly combining the T1 and TS1 files when a T1 was
> requested (with a callback). This would allow to use current
> fonts without changes and to avoid the LICR mechanism, based
> on active chars - this is very important (in fact, it's
> essential) in a non Latin context, to provide an interface
> not based solely in English.

Noted, even if I don't think I'll have time to work on it soon.

Thank you!