At 00:58 02.09.09, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
>Uwe Lück a écrit :
> > That's why I made niceverb and makedoc (in;
> > somewhat clumsy still difficult with hyperref, but it serves me to
> > maintain a book class),
>Yes, they were on my list of things to read/try, but not enough time yet.

You may better wait for another release with more things settled and an 
improved presentation of the user interface.

> > and I find Paul Isambert's CodeDoc very nice
> > which extracts package code while typesetting the documentation.
> >
>Well, I don't like this very much: I prefer package code to be the primary
>content and documentation to be extracted from comments. I find it much easier
>for changing the code and testing it without needing ot extract it first. 
>problem as dtx.)

I understand and agree.