Uwe Lück <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> >Well, I don't like this very much: I prefer package code to be the primary
> >content and documentation to be extracted from comments. I find it much easier
> > for changing the code and testing it without needing ot extract it
> > first. (Same
> >problem as dtx.)
> I understand and agree.

i don't mind dtx, particularly (i've been writing it for >15 years, and
my fingers wander to the necessary groove without prompting).

however, there are quite a few (significant) packages on ctan that have
lots of documentation as comments only.  if i could take one such and
produce a useful printable document, i could improve the quality of user
support quite a bit.

(i've dallied with editing the comments into a separate .tex file.
this works, but is time-consuming, and tempts one into editorial work.)


(straying off-topic for the group.  again.)