Will Robertson a écrit :
> I've written a couple of packages using gmdoc (pstool and asyfig, off
> the top of my head), and the feeling I get when opening up the source
> and seeing empty lines and no '%    \begin{macrocode}' is quite
> refreshing. The code is easier to come back to because there's a lot
> less visual cruft (which is easy enough to ignore while writing the code
> the first time).
That's exactly my impression: I can cope fairly well with dtx while writing for
the first time, but find it more difficult to edit afterwards.

> The only attempt at this so far have been to output a list of commands
> defined in the package, if desired, in an external file \jobname.cmds.
That's already a first step :-)

> My feeling so far is that since we're writing free-form documentation in
> LaTeX plus the little structured pieces of information (e.g., function
> names and a description of their arguments) it makes more sense to
> export the desired structured parts as the document is compiled.
I agree. Maybe it would be good to make the structured part a bit more
important, this certainly needs quite a bit of thinking...