Dnia 2009-10-29, czw o godzinie 14:57 +0100, Heiko Oberdiek pisze:

> Result:
> * lmtt misses
>   * \textperthousand
>   * \texttrademark
>   * \textservicemark
> * qcr (tgcursor) misses
>   * \textleftarrow
>   * \textrightarrow
>   * \textuparrow
>   * \textdownarrow

That's strange.  I hope Jacko will react to that.  I thought the whole
family was supposed to have the same characters.

> Additionally the lm and tg fonts provide glyphs at
>   * slot 81/121o/51h  (/Orogate)
>   * slot 113/161o/71h (/orogate)
>   * slot 115/163o/73h (/longs, U+017F)

That's true and we would be more than happy if these could be officially
introduced into TS1.  ‘Long s’ is probably something that needs no
explanations.  ‘O rogate’ (Polish for ‘horned o’) is a historical
character that was used in the Polish language around 16th century.  We
need it for publishing old-Polish texts.  As for names, \textlongs,
\textorogate, and \textOrogate are probably acceptable.