2010/3/11 Heiko Oberdiek <[log in to unmask]>:
> * Also \foreign@language and \hyphenrules call \[log in to unmask]
>  Therefore it think, \bbl@patterns is the better place to hook into.


> * Calling \input later is quite dangerous:

That's very true, I didn't realize how dangerous it was...

>  * A catcode table with defined catcodes is necessary,
>    e.g. luatex.sty's \CatcodeTableLaTeX. Without a catcode table
>    it's cumbersome to assign all input characters using \catcode.
>    (We are talking about Unicode input, not the 256 bytes of TeX82).

Actually I think this is quite dangerous too, as it would break
luatex.sty and luatextra's \newcatcodetable...

> Alternative: Using a lua file, included via \directlua.
> It's more robust and more efficient. But the lua files
> must be generated somehow.

This seems like the best solution.

> It's probably possible to use the hyph-utf8 project for this.

I'll ask them... I hope they'll be responsive...

Thank you!