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> Hallo Heiko,
> I'm sorry for the trouble with the gnats system it is unfortunately not
> the best possible interface. You actually managed to reach the bug
> database each time, what you didn't manage was to reach it in a way that
> your mail shows up on the web.

I've had a look at http://www.gnu.org/software/gnats/ and it seems a bit dated.  The last news items is dated March 2005.

The latest issue tracking systems provide a http api.  For example, http://www.bitbucket.org/ (which provides free Mercurial hosting) provides http://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/doc/issues/, which provide information about issues in JSON and other forms.

The bitbucket issue tracker integrates nicely into Mercurial, just as Trac integrates with SVN.

I don't doubt that gnats was a good choice at the time, but maybe it's time to think about switching.  I'm willing to share my experience and perhaps help out.


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