Hi all,

I want to ask whether the following behaviour is intended where
ExplSyntax and ExplSyntaxNames differ:


\intexpr_compare_p:n {2=3} ||
\intexpr_compare_p:n {4=4}

%% works fine up to here

\intexpr_compare_p:n {2=3} ||
\intexpr_compare_p:n {4=4}


In SyntaxNames, I get the error

! Use of \bool_|_0:w doesn't match its definition.
<argument>  \intexpr_compare_p:n {2=3} ||
                                          \intexpr_compare_p:n {4=4}
l.16 }

The use of && is successfull in both cases, though. I guess this is
because the line in ExplSyntax:

\tex_catcode:D 124=11 \tex_relax:D % vertical bar, other

is missing in SyntaxNames.
So is it intended that boolean expressions cannot be fully evaluated in
SyntaxNames? Or didn’t anybody have requested this yet?
I need it because of some TikZ code I’m using at that place. I could
make the boolean test at another place and then use a boolean variable
at the TikZ code, but that wouldn’t be very nice …