Hi all,

There's an interesting new package on CTAN called "interfaces" (http://ctan.org/pkg/interfaces) that does the sort of thing I've been thinking for a long time now would be useful (or at least interesting) for LaTeX.

What it does is take a large selection of non-related packages and apply a consistent interface on top of them all. E.g., enumitem, titlesec, fancyhdr, and so on, are all given wrappers with keyval options for their use.

I think it's an interesting idea to "endorse" a particular set of well-used packages, although long term I'd prefer for the packages themselves to offer such an interface natively. This is also an interesting project because it maps out the scope of what requirements might be necessary for a possible future LaTeX3 "document specification". (Also see ConTeXt MkIV which would make for a good comparison here.)

Any further thoughts?

-- Will