On 06/01/2011 08:18, Joseph Wright wrote:
> I've gone back and forward through this, and I think in the end this is
> the best plan. In the end, expl3 should be designed 'on its own merits',
> and that may mean that some mixed plain TeX\expl3 cases are a little
> awkward. For what we want, an expandable \int_eval:n makes most sense,
> and by logical extension \dim_eval:n and \skip_eval:n should also be
> expandable.
> What we do need to do is to make sure that this is clear in the
> documentation, as Philipp has pointed out. Something like
> After two expansions, \int_eval:n yields a <integer donation> not an
> <internal integer>. As a a result, it will require suitable
> termination if used in a \TeX-style integer assignment.
> and a similar statement for dim and skip cases.

This is now done in the SVN: I'll send it to CTAN in a few days.
Joseph Wright