On 10/01/2011 20:16, Philipp Stephani wrote:
> Am 10.01.2011 um 14:26 schrieb Joseph Wright:
>> On 10/01/2011 13:14, Joseph Wright wrote:
>>> Already fixed in the SVN: I noticed this late on Friday. (The luatex
>>> package moves various primitives out of the way, and I'd forgotten this.
>>> Sorry.)
>>> I'll get a CTAN snapshot done in a second.
>> Might be this evening: I need to sort out the building on Windows, so
>> will do it from my Mac at home.
> Thanks for responding so quickly.  BTW, have you considered writing a test suite that would prevent such errors?

We do have one :-) However, coverage is not 100% and it would not help
here as the tests all run on pdfTeX (faster, etc.). Apart from
\pdfstrcmp, there is not currently any other engine variation apart from
l3luatex, so the need has not really come up.
Joseph Wright