On 01/01/2011 20:18, TeXWorld wrote:
> Thank you Joseph.
> Have the LaTeX3 team ever thought of making LaTeX3 only work with LuaTeX
> and XeTeX ? Why ? To integrate directly into the format fontspec
> functionnalities for instance.

We have not started on fonts for LaTeX3 yet, but to cut out pdfTeX would 
be a pretty extreme move. (It is not so simple as simply taking existing 
code and copying across: there are some complex issues we are trying to 
sort out.)

I have some ideas on a unified interface for fonts, to cover both pdfTeX 
and XeTeX/LuaTeX. However, this is not something we've taken on yet. I'm 
planning to take a look at this some time later this year: at present, 
'fonts, Spring 2011' is pencilled in my diary :-)
Joseph Wright