On 10/02/2011 08:04, Arno Trautmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering how to refer to a TeX system that uses expl3 and the
> xpackages. In concreto, I want to add a line like "typeset with *TeX*"
> to my thesis.
> The first * is easy: luaLa. Now, the second one: Is it still just
> LaTeX2ε? Or something like LaTeX2ε/3? Or "LaTeX2ε with expl3 packages"?
> What's your oppinion on this?
> cheers
> Arno

Personally, I'd stick with LaTeX2ε: after all, you don't usually list
all of the packages you use, and currently expl3 is just another package.
Joseph Wright