Hello all,

We have revised the behaviour of some comma-list functions, making the
treatment of spaces and braces more consistent.

Spaces are now stripped from items when they are added to a clist, while
braces are retained. Thus

  \clist_put_left:Nn \l_my_clist { a , ~ b ~ , { c } , ~ { ~ d ~ } ~ }

will add the items "a", "b", "{c}" and "{~d~}" to the clist.

The mapping functions for 'inline' clists, for example
\clist_map_function:nN, strip spaces in the same way, so that

  \clist_map_function:nN { a , ~ b ~ , { c } , ~ { ~ d ~ } ~ } \foo:n

will result in \foo:n being mapped to "a", "b", "{c}" and "{~d~}".

As a result of these alterations, \clist_trim_spaces:N is deprecated,
and scheduled for removal by 2012-09-05. \clist_trim_spaces:n is moved
to an internal function only: it should therefore be regarded as
deprecated with respect to use outside of the kernel.
Joseph Wright