Hello all,

A small number of functions have been deprecated for removal by the end
of the year. In addition to the previously-notified
\clist_(g)trim_spaces:N and \clist_(g)trim_spaces:c, the following are
also scheduled for removal:

 - \c_luatex_is_engine_bool
 - \c_pdftex_is_engine_bool
 - \c_xetex_is_engine_bool

(All replaced by the \<engine>_if_engine_p: predicate versions.)

 - \use_i_after_fi:nw
 - \use_i_after_else:nw
 - \use_i_after_or:nw
 - \use_i_after_orelse:nw

(All too low-level: use higher-level TF functions instead.)

 - \cs_set_eq:NwN

(Can be replaced by \cs_set_eq:NN in all cases)

Joseph Wright