On 31/12/2011 23:09, Joseph Wright wrote:
>  1) How should we refer to catcode in documentation, both in terms of
>     the text and the formatting (for example, do we want to say
>     something line 'category code <other>')?

Unless I hear that there are strong objections, I propose to make a
change here as I indicate above, using the name of each category code as
described in the naming of \char_set_catcode_... and using formatting

  category code \meta{<description>}~(<code>)

>  2) What should we do for \char_show_value_catcode:n? 'show_value' is
>     not the right name for showing a symbolic meaning. I guess we just
>     use \prg_case_int:nnn to actually show the meaning.

I will also make a change here in the same vein unless there are objections.
Joseph Wright