Hello all,

The following functions are all deprecated and scheduled for removal
after 2012-12-31.

The following functions have been renamed to fit into the appropriate
module, emphasising the type of argument they apply to:

  \prg_case_dim:nnn => \dim_case:nnn
  \prg_case_int:nnn => \int_case:nnn
  \prg_case_str:nnn => \str_case:nnn
  \prg_case_str:onn => \str_case:onn
  \prg_case_tl:Nnn  => \tl_case:Nnn

  \prg_stepwise_function:nnnN  => \int_step_function:nnnN
  \prg_stepwise_inline:nnnn    => \int_step_inline:nnnn
  \prg_stepwise_variable:nnnNn => \int_step_variable:nnnNn

The following have been renamed to reflect the fact that x-type
expansion is not identical to full expansion by the \pdfstrcmp
primitive, in respect of expandability and the behaviour of "#" tokens:

  \str_if_eq:xx(TF) => \str_if_eq_x:nn(TF)

Both considerations (module agreement and x-type expansion) applies to:

  \prg_case_str:xxn => \str_case_x:nnn

In addition, the function \tl_if_empty:x(TF) is deprecated with no
direct replacement. This can be recoded using

  \tl_if_empty:x(TF) {#1} => \str_if_eq_x:nn(TF) { } {#1}

Joseph Wright