Hello all,

The switch from the 'old' FPU to the 'new' one is now completed in the
source. The new FPU features improved accuracy, a target of IEEE 754
conformity and the ability to carry out expandable floating-point
expression calculations. The functions within the l3fp module are
therefore being brought into line with those in l3int and l3dim. As
such, the following functions are deprecated for removal after 2012-12-31:

 - \fp_(g)abs:(N|c)
 - \fp_(g)neg:(N|c)
 - \fp_(g)mul:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)div:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)sin:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)cos:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)tan:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)exp:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)ln:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)pow:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)round_figures:(N|c)n
 - \fp_(g)round_places:(N|c)n
 - \fp_if_zero:(N|c)(TF)

At the same time, the switch to targeting IEEE 754 means that the
following are deprecated as they

 - \fp_if_undefined:(N|c)(TF)
 - \c_undefined_fp
Joseph Wright