Hello all,

I'm currently making a start on v3 of siunitx, and am trying to tighten
up the 'expl3 purity' of the code. One area I'm keen to sort out is a
proper set of documented commands at the code level so people can
exploit parts of siunitx without being tied to the interface layer I

Working systematically, I notice that I use a few variants of core expl3
commands that have to be created. Based on the 'document everything
public' principle, these should be mentioned (they have 'public'
function names). On the other hand, they are 'nothing to do with me' as
all I'm doing is something like

  \cs_generate_variant:Nn \some_team_function:n { V }

(OK, as I'm on the team they are actually something to do with me, but
hopefully my point is clear!)

How do other people see this?
Joseph Wright