Joseph Wright skrev 2014-03-31 22.35:
> On 31/03/2014 17:38, Lars Hellström wrote:
>>> A general impression, not least in that you've coded things by hand that
>>> would be done using expl3 kernel functions. The other very obvious one
>>> is that we don't use toks :-)
>> Not at all?! Or just not the likes of \newtoks?
> At an interface level, no toks at all (there are a few internal special
> cases). The reasoning is that toks are hard to explain: two types of
> similar variable (macros and toks), except ...

OK, that's reasonable. And thinking about it, I realise there is really no 
reason for me to expose in the public interface the fact that I'm storing 
material in a toks register during harmless character string construction -- 
especially not since better handling of raw combining characters might call 
for a revision of this, and this is a possible future development.

So that (the public interface, not necessarily the underlying machinery) is 
point 2 on the list of things to change before going final. We're making 

> (Bruno uses toks by number for l3regex within a group structure,

Yes, I do something similar for \UseAsPDFText / \harmless_to_hexstr:n

> and of
> course at a base layer there are some raw things to do with \every...
> and so on. However, none of this shows up in the interfaces, which all
> use macro-based storage of tokens.)

Allocating by name is indeed less troublesome...

Lars Hellström