Am Mon, 5 May 2014 17:24:14 +0100 schrieb David Carlisle:

> The LaTeX project is pleased to announce an updated release of LaTeX2e:
> LaTeX 2014/05/01
> This is now available on the CTAN hosts.
> An overview of the update is available in issue 21 of LaTeX News:
> The following directories are updated.
> latex/doc
> latex/base
> latex/unpacked
> latex/required/tools
> latex/required/graphics
> latex/required/cyrillic
> There is a changes.txt file in each directory giving a log of all changes.
> Please allow a couple of days for this to propagate around the CTAN
> network.

The changes in keyval.sty breaks e.g. the handling of keys in
biblatex. As an example the following which runs without errors with
the older keyval (stripped down from a real document with babel):



This gives the error
! Package biblatex Error: Language '{german}' not found.

The problem are the additional braces. 

Comparing an output with \tracingmacros one can see that the
behaviour of keyval has changed. 

#1<-\@empty {{Literaturverzeichnis}{Literatur}}


and so on. At a lot of locations there are too much braces around
the arguments. 

The problem starts to hits the first miktex users:

Ulrike Fischer