On 08/05/2014 09:14, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> Comparing an output with \tracingmacros one can see that the
> behaviour of keyval has changed.

This is of course the problem with fixing bugs after a long time.
But if we refuse to fix _anything_ then not everyone will be happy either.

It's a documented change in ltnews21 and the changes file,
although that doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't be backed out
if it is wrong, or if it is right in an ideal world but not the messy
world with legacy issues that we live in.

The intended behaviour of just dropping one brace group is more sensible


strips one {} needed for hiding commas and leaves the value as {{b}}

The old version always stripped two brace groups so the value would have been {b}

Replying now having just seen your mail, haven't checked the test case yet.

It's possible there is a bug in the new implementation and it's doing the wrong thing
in which case it's obvious what to do: fix it.

Or it may be the new implementation is working as designed but breaking existing code.
Then have to take the decision to push for the other package to update, or take the
decision to roll back this change.



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