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It turns out that the bug was always in keyval, the number of brace 
groups that are stripped
can be affected by whether you put space around =.

It was documented as always stripping 2 but sometimes it stripped 1.

The change to strip one less brace would have been good, and not broken 
had it always stripped 1 group except now it sometimes strips 0 which is why

  biblatex's indent = {german}
produces unknown language {german} error.

The original bug is fixable but a more invasive change and I propose not 
to do it and instead roll
back the brace stripping change (leaving the \long change). That means 
deleting an \@empty and an \expandafter
from the new keyval producing the attached

If anyone has some real biblatex  files and could confirm to me that 
this doesn't break them I'd be grateful.


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