On 08/05/2014 17:00, Ulrike Fischer wrote:

> I tested a bit with various  files and it seems ok. But -- as the
 > question on tex.sx shows -- the bug didn't always lead to errors but
 > could simply produce faulty output and it is not so easy to check if
 > somewhere an "and" or a comma is missing


  With this change reverted the only remaining change is adding \long 
so there shouldn't be any change other than things that were error 
before are now allowed.
(Although code that is explicitly checking a definition with \patchcmd or
\checkcommand etc can of course fail if _any_ change is made such 
failures are usually pretty obvious though.

> If one loads the new xkeyval  v2.6c before keyval the error is still
 > there. So xkeyval needs a patch too.

Yep it's an identical patch needed (in xkeyval's keyval.tex and xkeyval.tex)
Sorry to Hendri Adriaens (I gave him a prerelease of keyval and 
suggested he update to
match) I was just holding off until I have confirmed this is OK before 
suggesting xkeyval is changed again.


$ diff /usr/local/texlive/2014/texmf-dist/tex/generic/xkeyval/keyval.tex .
< \long\def\KV@@sp@b#1##1 \@nil{\KV@@sp@c\@empty##1}%
 > \long\def\KV@@sp@b#1##1 \@nil{\KV@@sp@c##1}%
 > \long\def\KV@@sp@c#1\@nil#2\relax#3{\XKV@toks{#1}\edef#3{\the\XKV@toks}}

$ diff /usr/local/texlive/2014/texmf-dist/tex/generic/xkeyval/xkeyval.tex .
<   \XKV@r@placepointers\@empty#1\usevalue\@nil
 >   \XKV@r@placepointers#1\usevalue\@nil
< \expandafter\XKV@addtomacro@n\expandafter\XKV@tempa\expandafter{#1}%
 >   \XKV@addtomacro@n\XKV@tempa{#1}%

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