Am 01.06.2014 20:31, schrieb Arno Trautmann:
>> Thanks for the report. The issue here was a missing set of DocStrip
>> guards (fixltx2e and fix-cm come from the same source file). This is now
>> corrected in the SVN and will be sent to CTAN soon.
> This code breaks the float package if fixltx2e is loaded afterwards.
> Which happens if one has the habit of loading packages alphabetically
> and invoking fontspec which requires fixltx2e. By this, documents with
> the header
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage{float}
> \usepackage{fixltx2e}
> \begin{document}
> will not compile anymore. Is this intended? Would it help or do any harm
> if the float check would be added \AtBeginDocument?
> best,
> Arno

just checked: CTAN has the right file with version number 1.1q for 
fix-cm and that file doesn't have the extra rubbish inside any longer, 
so it looks like you still run the initial beta where the docstrip guard 
was missing