On 18/06/2014 18:10, Joseph Wright wrote:
> On 18/06/2014 13:59, Joseph Wright wrote:
>>> Unicode-math actually did use
>>> some of the code and now breaks due to the missing \lua_now_x:n:
>>> \documentclass{article}
>>> \usepackage{amsmath}
>>> \usepackage{unicode-math}
>>> \begin{document}
>>> blub
>>> \end{document}
>>> ! Undefined control sequence.
>>> \__lltxmath_set_mathchar:NN ...def
>>> #1\lua_now_x:n 
>>> {lualatex.math.print_class...
>> Drat: I did of course check for use before the change, but focussed on
>> the 'allocators' part of the code (cctabs, etc.). I will do another
>> check over TL2014 then liaise with the appropriate package authors to
>> arrange a fix here.
> I have a plan: I will check in some code today and if the team as a
> whole are happy update CTAN today or tomorrow.

I'm going to check directly with Philipp Stephani to see where best to
make a change: I at least now know why this got missed so it should not
be an issue for changes in future.
Joseph Wright