On 19/06/2014 15:35, √Člie Roux wrote:
> Also, something I wanted to say in my previous mail: I think it's time 
> for a mechanism to handle lua bytecode loading in the format (I'm not 
> in front of my usual computer and I cannot remember the right words 
> for it). LuaTeX has a mechanism with an array of such codes, but a 
> package cannot say something like "I want to have this lua file in the 
> format", it needs to specify "I want bytecode 0 to be ..." with no 
> idea if bytecode[0] is already taken or not... (I'm not sure I made 
> myself clear... do you see what I mean?) Not many packages are using 
> this mechanism (expl3 was the only one last time I checked), but I'm 
> planning to add something for Gregorio, so we could work together on 
> that...

I'm not sure I know what you mean (I thought lua couldn't be dumped in 
the format)
there is the \luafunction array which needs an allocator but that 
doesn't sound like what you mean?
We had some plans to add an allocator for that, but I have a luatex 
manual, I'll look:-)