Élie Roux writes:

> I remember a discussion with CTAN people to add "LuaLaTeX maintainers"
> (with the mail address [log in to unmask] and a link to
> https://github.com/lualatex) as active maintainer of the LuaLaTeX
> packages, I don't remember it clearly, but it seems that this wasn't
> done :)

i don't remember such an agreement.

we don't have a mechanism for recording "web sites as maintainers".

the nearest we could come is to have the github address as a home page,
and a name like "lualatex maintainers" as the author, with a mail list
to send things to quoted as the address of the maintainers.

we have discussed an extra entry in a catalogue entry for a repository
address, but haven't got around to developing it.  (the catalogue is a
collection of xml, and we keep to its dtd ... and changing the dtd is a