Hello all,

A snapshot of the LaTeX3 code has been submitted to CTAN. Key changes:

 - Performance enhancements for various test functions
 - Correctly print new lines in log/terminal messages when
   expl3 is loaded with plain TeX
 - Allow all quarks in 'search' argument of
 - Fix ability of expl3 to be loaded by ConTeXt
 - Several internal improvements in l3doc class, particularly
 - xparse: Switch from a warning to an info message when
   redefining document commands


 - Simplify target names: "checklvt" => "check, "savetlg" =>
 - Implicit 'clean up' tightened up: applies only when required
   (e.g. building for CTAN)
 - Improve log normalisation

Please give it around 48 h for the new code to propagate around CTAN.
Joseph Wright