Am 07.07.2015 um 11:59 schrieb David Carlisle:
> On 07/07/2015 10:48, √Člie Roux wrote:
> Excellent thanks! It's always good to have some real test cases that you
> can try not to break.

FWIW, for those who haven't already looked at the code, the whatsit id
allocation can be found in file spelling_main.lua, function
__allocate_whatsit_ids().  The user ids are then used in file
spelling-stage-2.lua, function __tag_word() to wrap a "word" in a node
list in whatsit nodes.

I haven't look at that (experimental) code for a while, but I think
instead of wrapping words in whatsit nodes I'll rather tag every node
belonging to a word with an attribute in the future.  Because adding
whatsit nodes to a node list does have side effects.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig