I notice that the discussion for \str_range:nnn (for which function, 
thank you!) claims that

\iow_term:x { \str_range:nnn { abcdef } { 2 } { 5 } }

will print bcd, whereas it should be bcde.

It also wasn't immediately clear to me until I actually tried it, that 
\str_range:nnn { abcdef } { -1 } { -4 } produces no output. (I had 
wondered if it would produce reversed output.) In other words, the 
<start index> must lie closer to, or as close to, the head of the <token 
list>, as the <end index>.

Also, for the version of interface3.pdf I'm using (January 20, 2016), 
none of the hyperrefs in the index work. They simply jump to the start 
of the document (in both Adobe Reader and Sumatra).


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