On 03/11/2017 12:40 PM, Benedikt Vitecek wrote:
>> Concerning Gamma, the main reason I haven't implemented it yet is that
>> it requires determining some magic constants that were only given to me
>> for a lower precision than what I need (10 digits instead of 16).
> For the Gamma function the book
>   „Numerical Recipes: The art of Scientific Computing“ (3rd edition);
>   William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling, Brian P.
> Flannery;
>   Cambridge University Press
> might be of interest as it describes the implementation of a Gamma
> function with error smaller than < 1e-15.
> Ben

Thanks for the precise literature pointer; the book is available in my
library (and I found the specific pages on Google books in any case).
I'll look into it.