Boolean functions

This release marks the functions

- \bool_lazy_all:n(TF)
- \bool_lazy_and:nn(TF)
- \bool_lazy_any:n(TF)
- \bool_lazy_or:nn(TF)

as stable. This will be followed at a later date by a change in
\bool_if:n(TF), which will move to being greedy: this change is
necessary as there are circumstances under which \bool_if:n(TF)
currently fails with a low-level error due to lazy evaluation.

Package authors are encouraged to consider employing these new functions
where appropriate.

Version identifiers

From this release the SVN $Id lines are removed from LaTeX3 sources. The
function \GetIdInfo is deprecated from this release, and the team
recommend that package authors include version information directly in
\ProvidesExplPackage (or similar) lines.


Internal changes are focussed on compatibility with LuaTeX v1.04+.