>> The way I understand Werner his intention is beyond his own machines
>> so I think his approach of not changing fontspec without changing
>> the name is the right one.
> Exactly.  The changed files are used only to generate PDF
> documentation for one of my packages (ttfautohint), which heavily uses
> the most recent script additions to Unicode; they are not intended for
> distribution in a generic way.  As soon as the corresponding changes
> are applied upstream, I will use the upstream packages.  However, I
> can't estimate in advance when updated packages appear...

  Er... are you sure that you understand each other?  It seems to me
that you, Werner, are saying that you’re not going to distribute the
files under their original names, and will just use a temporary solution
until the changes are propagated to the distributions; while Frank is
saying that since you plan to distribute the files you should stick to
the policy of changing their names.