>> The changed files are used only to generate PDF documentation for
>> one of my packages (ttfautohint), which heavily uses the most
>> recent script additions to Unicode; they are not intended for
>> distribution in a generic way.  As soon as the corresponding
>> changes are applied upstream, I will use the upstream packages.
>> However, I can't estimate in advance when updated packages
>> appear...
> Er... are you sure that you understand each other?

I think so, yes.

> It seems to me that you, Werner, are saying that you’re not going to
> distribute the files under their original names, and will just use a
> temporary solution until the changes are propagated to the
> distributions;

Yes, for example in my package's version 1.7 I plan to use

> while Frank is saying that since you plan to distribute the files
> you should stick to the policy of changing their names.

Yes.  Where is the contradiction?  Assuming that at the time of my
package's version 1.8 the upstream version of `fontspec.sty' contains
the patches I need, I no longer use `fontspec-patched.sty'.