On 07/02/2018 14:28, Joel C. Salomon wrote:
> I just noticed the Git commits for the beginnings of what will become
> l3draw (https://github.com/latex3/latex3/commit/6e68728f et seq.).  As a
> user, let me say thank you to the team, particularly Joseph Wright, for
> taking up this challenge, and that I look forward to using this package.
> —Joel C. Salomon

At present this is very much a 'toy' project, though the aim is I hope 
sensible. As you'll see, it's currently in l3trial (not sent to CTAN) as 
it's not really usable. I'm hopeful that I can get something able to do 
simple line diagrams sorted relatively quickly: I did the underlying 
driver code some time ago.

You'll probably pick up from the commit messages that the code is 
more-or-less pgf rewritten in expl3, though of course picking up on the 
team approach/tools. The plan is to try to be interface-compatible with 
pgfm or at least close to. That *may* allow these functions to be used 
with TikZ with some appropriative 'glue'.

My plan is to move things to l3experimental once I can actually make 
some kind of diagrams. Note that everything here is going to be entirely 
experimental: I'm not even sure if 'draw' is the right module name!